The Twisting Skirt

Twisting Skirt? - Problem Solved. Skirt Grip is guaranteed to keep your skirt in place all day.

WHAT IS Skirt Grip? – Skirt Grip is a reusable elastic band having a unique outer layer with grippy rubberized material


Place skirt grip around your waist inside of your skirt.

  • Reusable – unlimited re-uses!
  • Strong Grip – Skirt Grip is not a typical elastic band. Skirt Grip has an outer layer of rubberized gripping material.
  • Skirt can be tucked in – safety pins, clips and the tights/shorts folded over the skirt trick do not allow you to keep a shirt tucked in. With Skirt Grip you can neatly keep a shirt tucked in or leave it out. Skirt Grip is especially designed to keep a skirt in place either way.
  • Easy to Use – No Sew Solution.

Skirt Grip: If you always complain about your skirt twisting, you can now do something about it.  

The twisting skirt is a wardrobe annoyance most women experience. You must have tried safety pins, two-sided tape, and nothing works. Who has time to tailor every single skirt you own? When you wear a skirt, especially to the office for eight hours, why should you worry about fixing your skirt at every step you take. Instead of taking extra trips to the bathroom, fidgeting with the seams, and checking your reflection in the window, you can now focus on what really matters.

Look perfectly polished from 9 to 5.

Let's face it: You love wearing skirts, but sometimes you avoid wearing them because by the time you get to work your skirt has completely turned around, your shirt is untucked, and you look like a mess. Most women have experienced it. With Skirt Grip, you will have a stress-free commute. Feel confident in what you wear without the hassle. Skirt Grip is the only solution that will keep you looking your best all day long.