• The Number One Solution to Stop Skirts From Twisting Around

    Skirt Grip is a grippy elastic band that keeps your skirt from twisting around.  1. It’s 100% reusable No tape, pins, or hassle.  2. Silicone ...
  • Product Famous from Poshmark – I want to make my business poshmark famous

    You’ve heard of insta-famous companies or pinterest-famous companies, but have you ever heard of a poshmark-famous company? I want to challenge myself to make the first poshmark famous company, and here’s how I want to do it.


  • The Skirt Grip Band vs Skirt

    People are always asking me which I sell more of, the Skirt Grip band  or the Skirt Grip skirt. It’s a fair question, which is more popular? It’s h...
  • is live again is live again ✨ The rainy weather on this 🇺🇸 weekend gave me the time to relaunch the Skirt Grip website • I am always thinking of n...
  • What is a Skirt Grip?

    Skirt Grip solves the problem of the ‘rotating skirt’ by gripping onto the skirt, keeping it in place all day long. Skirt grip is a comfortable elastic band, which has a grip on both sides of it to hold your skirt in place against your body.